VIPLAST Quality Policy

The Management of VIPLAST s.a.s. is aware of the context in which it operates, the relevant needs of stakeholders and the importance of the Customer as a fundamental and vital asset of the Company, and has decided to implement a Quality Management System capable of managing the risks and opportunities related to its processes, recognising that the Safety and Protection of the Health of Workers and the Environment are its strategic objective.
VIPLAST s.a.s. is committed to the continuous improvement of its processes in accordance with the specific requirements of customers in the automotive and non-automotive sector, standards IATF 16949:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 and always in compliance with the legal provisions in force regarding the environment, health and safety of workers, and with the code of ethics that the company has adopted.
Customer orientation

The expectations of our internal and external customers are at the centre of our activities.
Customer satisfaction and loyalty to our company are the main indicators of our success.

Staff growth and engagement

Each of us determines the quality and success of our own performance.
Through the active participation of adequately trained employees who work in full autonomy and responsibility.

Result-driven orientation

At VIPLAST, offering a quality service is the key to excellent company performance in the long term and is the result of our constant attention to the needs of customers, employees, and suppliers.

Continuous learning, innovation and improvement

Attraverso l’apprendimento, i Collaboratori accrescono in modo continuo le loro competenze.
Il nostro processo di miglioramento continuo si fonda sia sull’impiego delle migliori tecnologie disponibili che sullo scambio efficace delle conoscenze.

Management and consistent objectives

We operate in a structured and systematic way throughout all the departments. We achieve excellent performance by recognising quality as the guiding principle of management and with the commitment of our management and of the entire staff.

Creating partnerships

Concrete and lasting partnerships with our suppliers and service partners ensure reliable commercial relationships, which are based on a constant mutuality of intent.

Process-based management

Consistency in the process-based approach and the assessment of processes ensure the rapid achievement of objectives through the optimal use of resources. Decisions are taken on the basis of facts and strategic guidelines.

In order to achieve these objectives, VIPLAST s.a.s. will make available all the resources necessary for the training of personnel, the development and growth of a Quality Management System, and its maintenance in accordance with standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Thanks to attentive and qualified staff

Measurement and Control

Measurement and Control

In addition to standard measurement tools, the Quality Office has chosen to employ a 3D optical measurement instrument (OGP Starlite) and specific checks at intervals at the moulding machine by adopting gauges and templates built in house and approved by customers.
We guarantee quality control with a dedicated operator on all 3 production shifts.



We guarantee the traceability at all stages of production, from acceptance to delivery of finished product, through the identification of the batches of raw materials, of masters and any inserts that are used in production.

Product record

Product record

Through thorough scheduling with a GANTT chart, real-time logging of tooling and production times, remote control of the production department, in addition to the product batch, and the approvals for the start and completion of job orders, we are able to keep track of all the components we manufacture and have therefore a complete record for every product.

FIFO System

FIFO System

Our logistics is managed on a FIFO (First In First Out) basis for the delivery of the finished products, thus ensuring that the goods are kept in the warehouse for the shortest time possible. All this is made possible by a well-structured and organised warehouse.
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  • Vertical Stock

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  • Gantt of scheduling

  • Remote control