Processes and Production Sectors

Our company has carried out plastic injection moulding

For third parties operating in the following sectors:


Components for video entry systems, electric gates, curtains and lever mechanisms


In particular, connectors, overmoulded connectors with inserts and adjustment knobs

Child care

Moulded and assembled components for prams and strollers

Household items

Design items

Toys and promotional items

Surprises and displays

To manage the various sectors, we carry out the following processes:

Injection Moulding

Components of a maximum weight of 500 g,made of a wide variety of thermoplastic materials. With over one hundred types of different raw materials available, we produce items for our customers and, thanks to their contribution, we are engaged in continuous research and experimentation on alternative materials, such as biodegradable and biocompatible materials. Collaboration with a famous Italian company has also enabled us to process wax.


We carry out the moulding of items with different types of raw materials and/or inserts.


In some cases, we also offer an assembly service for small plastic or metal components supplied with the items produced by moulding or co-moulding.

Over the years we have built strong and close partnerships with mould manufacturers and are able to guarantee and to certify a complete service to customers, helping them in the development of a project from the initial idea to the manufacture of the finished product.