About Us

Awareness today means being strong tomorrow

Viplast is a company operating in the plastics industry and is specialised in the injection moulding of technical items and trimmings on behalf of third parties. The company employs a young, dynamic, multi-ethnic and hard-working staff, composed of thirteen people working on three shifts, five days a week.

We are a small family-run business, which is growing increasingly on the Italian market thanks to the decades of professional experience gained by the owners and to the new energy brought to the company over the years by new generations. Their ideas and their spirit of sacrifice, together with the acquired professional expertise, make Viplast a company that is constantly developing and evolving.


Viplast is set on achieving high standards of quality using the best technology available to fully meet the needs of customers, while working in a healthy, clean and serene environment in view of continuously improving the quality of life of the company’s workers. Our main goal is to develop our market in order to achieve a leadership position on the domestic market by optimising the product offering, as well as product and service quality. Our work is based on the following aspects:

  • Product, service and environmental quality
  • Culture of continuous growth and innovation
  • Pursuit of customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility and the ability to support customers in the resolution of technical issues
  • Respect for people and their cultures
  • Definition of, and compliance, with shared rules
  • Calm and relaxed company climate, characterised by rational operating and production processes

  • Company history


    Viplast was born thanks to the determination and perseverance of the three founding partners: Giuliano Bertinazzi, Marino Miotto and Giuseppe Zecchin. The plant, based in Torri di Quartesolo (VI), was initially equipped with a limited number of machines, but, thanks to supportive customers and the determination of its partners, the machinery has been expanded over the years, allowing us to work for the promotional items, toy and technical items sectors.


    The current company logo comes to life and we started hiring the first employees.


    We moved to a larger plant in Piazzola sul Brenta (PD).


    After gaining professional experience in other sectors, Davide Bertinazzi and Alessandro Miotto (sons of two of the partners) joined Viplast to support the family business, seeking to tap the expertise of their parents, while bringing new ideas and new stimuli to the company as added value.


    It was a sorrowful year for us all, as one of the founding partners, Giuseppe Zecchin, passed away. Driven by his ambition, he devoted himself entirely to the growth of the business and was a model of total dedication.


    In the early months of 2012, in agreement with all the departments of the company, we started a process that was completed in March 2013 and resulted in certification under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949.


    Throughout the current economic crisis, we have proven to be proactive and ready; we are facing it with a fighting spirit and a series of profound and structured changes. With constant investments and innovations, we are seeking motivated employees and customers who wish to make the "Made in Italy" label a hallmark of exclusivity once again.